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DP : 1350 MRP : 1499

<p>Heaveda – Multi Nutrients is the synergistic blend of fourteen powerful herb-extracts. This combination contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients which are necessary elements for human body and helpful in healthy immunity, brain heart, liver, joints helath, blood pressure, digestion, blood sugar, One Multi Nutrient supplies complete nutrient for total body care. </p><h4><b><u><font color="#000000"> Key benefits </font></u></b></h4><ul><li> Total body control </li><li>Immune health </li><li>Vitamins, Minerals</li></ul>

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DP : 889 MRP : 999

Contains 46 anti-oxidants & over 90 nutrients Normalizes blood sugar Promotes natural serum cholesterol Improves digestion Detoxifies the whole body Anti-aging & builds immunity Normalizes blood pressure & anti-depressant Improves bone density Provides healthy glowing skin Promotes normal functioning of the liver & kidney Key benefits Anti-aging Promotes Healthy Skin Improves Bone density Builds immunity Aids digestion

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DP : 1360 MRP : 1499

<p>Heaveda Herbal Detox formula is a best combination for body detoxification as it contains Nano curcumin, milk thistle, Astaxanthin &amp; Amla extract. This is a powerful detox-antioxidant combination to clear the toxins from our body metabolism and takes care of digestive system, liver health and helps in maintaining overall health.</p><h4><u><font color="#000000"> KEY BENEFITS </font></u></h4><p> Body Detoxification</p><p> Antioxidant </p><p>Liver health </p>

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DP : 1199 MRP : 1350

<p>Heaveda – Women Care capsules contains extracts of six natural herbs which are powerful supplements for female health. It improves blood flow, controls hormonal balance in females and supports female system through menses, ovulation and fertility. It also contains vitamins, minerals and complete nutrition for overall female health. </p><h4><b><u><font color="#000000"> Key benefits </font></u></b></h4><ul><li> Lactation support </li><li>Rich source of phytoestrogens Female health</li></ul>